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Business Applications Management Service (BAMS)

Manifest are actively working on the development of a broad, more consistent and enhanced level of application management service for customers, building on the typical model of more ad-hoc services currently offered.

The service is designed for housing organisations of all sizes and types. There are many scenarios where this approach could be beneficial that could include:

  1. Smaller organisations who don’t have sufficient permanent staff to fully support,maintain and improve their  housing applications.
  2. An organisation that can resource an internal applications team, but would rather deploy their team on service improvement projects, rather than on Business as Usual (BaU) work.
  3. Organisations that can resource much of their application management service but require additional specialist resources or would like to have extra support ‘on demand’ without having the longer term responsibility associated with permanent expansion of the team.
  4. An organisation that is thinking of moving away from any of their existing applications, and does not want to expend time and effort to manage and train application specialists in the outgoing system.
  5. An organisation who has just implemented a brand new business application  but does not have the internal staff to maintain their new system. This could be a temporary solution until the staff are trained or a longer term/permanent solution is in place.

We are happy to discuss the specific needs of any organisation to assess the benefits of developing such an arrangement. Call or email Gareth Rexworthy on 07954 602568 or gareth@manifestconsulting.co.uk

Does your association still not have a current IT Strategy?

What’s the problem?

It is surprising the number of organisations that don’t have a current IT Strategy; it’s often all too easy to give priority to other corporate projects and think that the IT Strategy, which will take a concerted effort to produce, will have to wait until tomorrow. The trouble is that something else always comes along tomorrow and it never gets started or if it does insufficient resources are focussed on it and it takes several months to produce anything coherent.