Improving the Property Development handover process

It’s been great working with Optivo to help them develop an end-to-end solution for managing property handovers from Development to Housing. The new solution has:

  • Eliminated unstructured data and documentation
  • Automated processes
  • Facilitated simple review of new property data by operational staff
  • Reduced risk of data input errors
  • Made effective use of existing technology

We have been really pleased to have been working closely with Optivo over the last few months. We’ve participated as an addition to their technical team in a project to create brand new systems and processes for managing the capture and flow of information from property development, through to operational housing management.

The accurate and timely transfer of all the data required for the day-to-day management of properties is a common issue in the sector. Paper based procedures still endure to this day in some organisations. Optivo set out to deal with this, once and for all. 

Optivo’s Technology Team built a new bespoke application for use by Development staff to support their work and ensure all relevant data is captured and verified in one place. Data is then passed to their housing management system where it’s initially staged, pending review by staff from the operational side of the business. Eventually property and charge records are created, ready for streamlining what was previously a more labour-intensive set of tasks.

We found the project was very well run by the team at Optivo with effective, pragmatic project management and business analysis throughout. 

This implementation, and future phases to extend the functionality will have a very positive impact on how this part of the housing lifecycle operates and we would recommend it as an approach to other organisations. It should also support the adoption of Building Information Management (BIM) and Golden Thread initiatives as they come into being.  

If you’re interested in knowing more about this work, please contact us at or call 0203 797 1012.