Manifest Tenancy Case Management

  • Are you using too many spreadsheets to manage processes like Mutual Exchange outside of your Housing Management System?
  • Our Case Management Solution may be able to help.
  • Are you worried that mistakes might be made because of manual processes?
  • Would you like a fully auditable and reportable solution to help manage a variety of housing management issues?

If so, then the Manifest Tenancy Case Management solution can help.

Providing centralised process management and data storage for housing management activities, this fully supported solution can be easily configured to simplify case management for a variety of Housing Management matters including:

  • Mutual Exchanges
  • Safeguarding
  • Breach of Tenancy
  • Succession
  • Fixed Term Tenancy

The solution is fully customisable but the “out of the box” solution can be installed in as little as a day!

If you want more detail on the solution, or just get in touch on 0203 797 1012 or at