Stop Getting Compliance Wrong!

Six tips to help you start getting compliance right.

Do you have the systems and processes to help stop you from getting your property compliance wrong?

Lots of investment has been made into improving the delivery of property compliance in recent years, but is your service helping to deliver safe homes for your residents and assurance for your Board?

Our compliance health checks and critical friend reviews can help you: 

  • Evaluate your service delivery
  • Test that your reporting is genuinely robust and that your Board is getting adequate assurance 
  • Provide pragmatic and practical recommendations for change
  • Prepare yourself for the upcoming legislative changes

Whether or not you ask us to help, here are six things you should be doing to ensure your property compliance service delivers the assurance you need.

  1. Get your reporting right. A building or component must ONLY be reported as compliant if the data in your monitoring system is supported by a certificate, risk assessment or other document that you hold and can directly relate to the data. 
  2. Reports should always be accompanied by a document that sets out: 
    • What is being measured?
    • What calculation is performed to determine the reported performance. 
    • The source of the data used for the measure
  3. Reports should be produced directly from your monitoring systems, with as little human intervention as possible.
  4. Any compliance monitoring systems must be linked to the master property register – usually the Housing Management System and there should be processes in place to keep the two synchronised and up to date
  5. Ditch those spreadsheets wherever you can! They’re unreliable, difficult to version control and easy to get wrong. 
  6. Managing follow on actions is critical. Being able to understand the status of one off and regular follow up activities is as critical as completing the initial risk assessment or service. Make sure that you’re on top of these programmes and that you can evidence their status every step of the way.

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