Introducing our new Business Application Management Service (BAMS)

What is it?

Our new Business Application Management Service (BAMS) is a fully flexible support service for some or all of your line-of-business applications. This service is unaffected by IR35.

We will tailor our service to your precise requirements, examples include:

  • System administration  
  • Implementation and configuration
  • Upgrades and patches
  • Advice, training and guidance for users
  • Housing System customisation and development
  • Supporting existing custom solutions for all major Housing Systems, irrespective of whether Manifest developed these
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management.

The service covers a wide range of your line-of-business applications, including:

  • Housing Management Systems
  • Asset Management Systems
  • ASB Systems
  • Document Management Systems.

Why would I use the BAMS service? 

This service is suitable for a wide variety of situations:

Are you a smaller organisation that doesn’t have the resources for a dedicated application support team? 

Are you a Provider with an internal team who you want to deploy on improvement projects, but need reliable support for Business as Usual work? 

Do you have an internal team already, but want the comfort of immediate access to extra specialist resources “on-demand” without having to permanently expand the team?

Changing your Housing System and want some help maintaining the old one, whilst you implement the new? 

Implementing a new business application and need some extra help whilst your internal team gets up to speed? 

Do you need some short term help to cover the absence of specialist staff?

These are just some of the reasons to use this service. It’s designed to be flexible, tailored to your needs and is suited for Providers of any size and type.

What are the benefits?

In engaging our services, our customers can benefit from:

  • Reducing the need for succession planning around specialist applications
  • Enhanced and easy to maintain business continuity  
  • No recruitment costs
  • Access to a wide range of housing  skills 
  • Sharing good practice with other BAMS customers
  • Sharing development costs with other BAMS customers
  • Unbiased advice on applications — we are not affiliated with any  supplier
  • Easy access to other Housing consulting, such as customer & building safety, housing management. 

At Manifest we have a team of staff, highly experienced in IT services specifically in the housing sector. We cover a wide range of systems and role types from system administration to leadership and bring all this to bear in our Business Applications Management service.

We also have access to a wider network of consultants allowing us to scale up quickly. 

Our main passion is improving housing services, we want to help drive business improvement across the sector.

Why Manifest?

Since forming in  2012, we have been providing a wide range of IT and business consultancy services for housing organisations. We have worked with over 30 clients delivering a wide range of specialisms, including:

  • Support and management of housing management systems
  • Configuration for implementations of a range of line of business applications
  • Training analysis, design and delivery
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Reporting
  • System usage and performance reviews
  • Post-implementation reviews and evaluations

Give us a call to discuss your organisation’s specific needs and assess the benefits of this service. 

Gareth Rexworthy on 07954 602568 or