Home Agents benefit from tenancy visits workflows, at bpha

Committed to providing its customers with high quality, value for money services, bpha introduced fixed-term tenancies to new customers the aim being to ensure that best possible use is made of the housing stock.

The challenge

To help manage the process bpha required a workflow to be developed which allowed them to manage the visits and actions that occurred during the lifetime of the fixed term tenancy.

The solution

Manifest created workflows within bpha’s housing management system mirroring bpha’s internal policy. Work items are created when a home visit is due, allowing Home Agents to book in these appointments providing them with all of the information they need to carry out visits proficiently, including diarising and recording home visits.

The solution also allows Home Agents to create proposals during the final stages of a tenancy agreement: either continuing the tenancy, continuing the tenancy in an alternative property which may not belong to bpha or terminating the agreement. The work item offers Home Agents a recommendation at this point for the tenancy meaning that if a new tenancy is approved the workflows can also communicate with the Home Processing Team to initiate a new one. The workflows also create a variety of letters as well as manage the appeal process for customers.

The results

By working closely together with bpha, the Manifest team have created a strong support system to Home Agents, completing the project on time, within budget and within scope.

“By combining our knowledge of fixed term tenancy management with Manifest’s expertise on developing workflows, we have successfully built a system that enables our home agents to efficiently manage tenancies.”
Sue Cornish, Senior business analyst

As tasks are sent to home agent’s worklists, the workflows ensure tenancies are being managed consistently and tenancy visits and other key actions are not missed.

Sue continues: “Manifest made this process extremely easy for us. They met all of the requirements and since its implementation, home agents have truly reaped the benefits of the solution.”

“Manifest have allowed us to develop a tool to manage fixed-term tenancies in the housing system. Fixed-term tenancies are a significant shift in how bpha operates, so having a robust solution to enable our Home Agents to manage these tenancies efficiently and supporting a high level of customer service is fundamental to the success of fixed-term tenancies.”
Bob Bridle, Home Manager, bpha

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