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Give your customers a nudge

Apply cutting-edge behaviour change techniques, using nudge theory to drive changes in the choices that residents and customers take. Find out how behavioural insights can reduce rent arrears, move customers online, increase the number of successful property compliance visits and much more.

Give your customers a nudge

Manifest Consulting is pleased to announce a new partnership, with Ridley Moy Communications, offering Behaviour Change consultancy for the public sector.

The new service will help organisations apply cutting-edge behaviour change techniques, using nudge theory to drive changes in the choices that residents and customers take.

Specifically, these techniques can help your organisation to,

  •       Reduce rent arrears
  •       Encourage customers to move online
  •       Increase direct debit take up
  •       Offer more effective debt management advice to residents
  •       Increase access to homes for property compliance visits.

Nudge theory is based on the principle that small changes to messages and processes can have a significant impact on people’s behaviour.

Outcomes can be improved by introducing a more realistic model of human behaviour, helping organisations to rethink how they can increase take up in services and encourage people to change their actions, but without instructing them to do so.

Peter Salisbury, Director of Housing Consulting at Manifest, explains how joining forces will benefit clients,

“By combining knowledge and expertise, we can help organisations make better use of resident data, improve their communications and develop more effective processes.

Behavioural science, combined with Manifest’s knowledge of software, systems and processes is the perfect match.”

Clients will be able to access a consultancy service, or bespoke workshops, covering the following areas,

Review customer facing communication and processes

  • Analyse resident data, and identify areas with high demand
  • Design interventions to maximise how the effectiveness of letters, text messages, emails and face-to-face contact
  • Work with clients to run bespoke communications campaigns
  • Evaluate interventions, including the use of Randomised Control Trials.

Dominic Ridley-Moy, Ridley-Moy Communications has extensive experience in applying these principles in public sector organisations.

To find out more about Dominic’s experience, please read his article for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.