Arrears Letter solution launches to improve rent payments

We were delighted to be able to announce the launch of a new solution to provide fully customised and editable letters available to many of our clients from within their housing management system. This unique solution means arrears letters can be produced via word on any printer, including follow me printing.

When our customers told us they were concerned about a backlog of arrears letters due to direct payments of benefits rolling out across the UK, we were only too happy to design a bespoke solution to fix the problem!

Our letter solution has been developed to enable a faster, more flexible way of working. And better still it stands alone from the standard arrears processing functionality.

Here are the benefits:

7 reasons to use the Arrears Letter solution

  1. View and edit draft mode letters before they are printed
  2. Create flexible letter templates by bringing in data from others part of the housing management system
  3. Print in one place – data merge and printing can be carried out on any printer using Follow Me technology, rather than queued on a merge server
  4. No printer hold ups – merge print queues will be a thing of the past!
  5. Email arrears letters straight from the system
  6. Integrate with EDM systems to create other custom letters including VCPL and Repairs
  7. Benefit from an easier way of working in just two weeks.

“We started working with Manifest in 2014 and agreed to pilot their new Arrears Letter printing service.

This service has automated all of our manual writing where previously we had to type it ourselves and we now have secure printing so all letters go to a personal printing queue.

We have found this system has saved our team time and has helped to make our service more efficient.”

Tina Mercer, Head of Income Management, Origin Housing.


Our fixed-prices start from only £6,000, with full ongoing support available.

Interested in using our Arrears Letter printing solution? Just call us on 0203 697 1201 and we can provide you with a bespoke quotation.