System & Process Health Checks

  • Want to find out whether your housing and other business systems are set up to best support your critical business functions?
  • Not sure whether you need to change your systems or just tweak them? 
  • Want to capture the expertise and feedback of your front line staff in a structured way?

Whether you want to look at a single process, business function, or a whole service — our System & Process Health Check can help you to get the most out of your existing systems and potentially avoid the expense of implementing new solutions and some other common pitfalls.

What is it?

Our Health Check can be conducted on any aspect of your Housing Service, from Repairs, to Allocations, Income Collection to Complaints Management.  

We will work with your operational staff, IT team and other parties to understand:

  • What existing processes are meant to achieve
  • How these should work
  • How well they are working
  • Issues impairing staff doing what they need to do
  • Where there may be unnecessary double handling of information
  • Where workarounds are being used
  • Ideas from staff

We’ll use all of this information to identify the potential for improvements that can be made to system specifications, configuration, integration and other aspects that will help your staff concentrate on delivering the service, rather than having to work around problems caused by the way your systems are set up. 

Our team are all Housing IT experts with extensive experience working in and for Registered Providers. 

We understand what you are trying to achieve without the time and expense typical of detailed process reviews that start from the ground up.

This is not designed to be a traditional business process mapping and redesign exercise. Instead, we understand that our clients often want a more succinct form of review that more quickly reaches tangible conclusions and useful recommendations.


We will provide you a System & Process Health Check report that sets out: 

  • A summary of the systems used
  • An outline of the business processes that we worked through with your teams
  • An appraisal of the efficiency of the current business process that considers:
    • Process efficiency
    • Whether the process makes good use of the existing technology
    • Practical recommendations that consider how your existing systems could be better used to support improvements to your process to improve efficiency and service delivery to residents 
    • More significant changes that could be beneficial.
What to do with your System & Process Health Check?

Our Health Check will always contain relevant, specific recommendations that you can:

  • Feed into your wider Service Improvement plans,
  • Discuss with your business system suppliers
  • Feed into wider decision making processes around your systems estate. 

In all cases, our Health Check reports are set out so you are equipped with the right information and questions to ask of your suppliers.

And if you need some extra help in applying the recommendations, we’re very happy to work with you in engaging your Housing and other Business Systems suppliers to drive the improvements you need.  

Find out more

To learn more about our System & Process Health Checks and how our work will help your organisation, please contact us at: 

0203 797 1012 

Details of pricing and our purchase options are also available on request, and you can download a copy of our service guide below.