Safer Homes Toolkit & Methodology

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What is the Toolkit & Methodology?

The Safer Homes Toolkit & Methodology supports Registered Providers in the proper and effective delivery of all the key functions in management of property compliance and building safety.

We use the Toolkit & Methodology with Registered Providers of Social Housing, such as Housing Associations, Local Authorities and ALMOs, to help them:

  • Design and deliver a unified approach to the management of the property compliance service.
  • Understand how effective their compliance functions are and how well they provide the assurance needed to Boards, Executives and Senior Managers.
  • Test whether existing systems and processes are robust and fit for purpose.
  • Evaluate the system based requirements for new technology and software intended to support Safer Homes.
  • Design and implement IT systems and business processes that will properly support the service using our integrated architecture model.
  • Focus advice and provide and give structure to critical friend style improvement consultancy.
Where can the Safer Homes Toolkit & Methodology be applied?

The Toolkit & Methodology can be applied in any housing provider, no matter what their size. The principles of the Safer Homes Toolkit & Methodology apply whether a landlord manages 1 or 100,000 homes and applies to all forms of compliance testing, assessment, maintenance and critically – follow on actions

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