IT Strategy & Management consultancy

Organisations usually put into place an IT Strategy covering a three or five year period. It provides the overarching description of the purpose and aims of the IT Service. The key expression of the strategy is a document approved by the Leadership team or Board, that flows from and directly supports the Corporate Business Strategy. It is objective focused and provides a high level description of the themes and outcomes the IT service should be oriented towards.

Supporting the Strategy are delivery, management and project plans, budget projections and other tactical and operational plans. Some of these may be produced alongside the Strategy but they will also arise and change over the lifetime of the Strategy. It is important to note that the Strategy itself is does not specify details of operational delivery.

Our IT Strategy and Management consultancy service provides organisations with all the assistance they may need to develop their IT Strategy as well as the supporting delivery plans and the IT service generally.

In addition we offer reviews of existing strategies and IT service management arrangements. This can be helpful to ensure existing strategy is still appropriate compared with organisational objectives and can also be used to regain or retain focus on the delivery of the strategic objectives.

We also offer ongoing engagament to organisations to assist them with any aspect of their IT leadership and management. This may take the form of a critical friend, a fractional leadership arrangement or ad hoc specific tasks.

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