Manifest mobilises gas safety contract

The challenge

Origin provides 6500 affordable houses in London and Hertfordshire and works with residents and partners to make sure services, homes and people and communities are the best they can possibly be.

Requiring a new, responsive gas contractor to further improve the service offered to residents, Origin appointed Manifest to mobilise an interim £600,000 gas contract.

The solution

Time was of the essence and Manifest project managed the mobilisation of the gas contract quickly and effectively by preparing and executing a project plan, working with operations staff and organising the supply chain.

As it was essential that Origin maintained 100% gas servicing compliance throughout the changeover period, Manifest delivered suggestions to improve Origin’s Gas Safety compliance as well as streamlining the contract.

Peter Salisbury, Manifest’s Director of Housing Consulting, remained on site for the first four days to advise the team, troubleshoot any issues and to de-mobilise the existing contract.

The results

Working closely with the Origin team, Manifest oversaw the transition from the old contract to the new one and the interim provider started on schedule.

Stuart Bishop, Head of Property Compliance at Origin adds:

“We were confident that Manifest could deliver the service and we are now comfortable that a contractor is in place who is very responsive and deals with issues promptly. Peter at Manifest is very good at establishing a rapport with key people and is always looking to make things work more smoothly. He uses an appropriate manner and tailors his approach with the team and the way in which he engages with people to achieve results is impressive!”