Gas contractor procured for Welwyn Hatfield Community Housing Trust

Manifest has many talents – as discovered by Welwyn Hatfield Community Housing Trust, who asked us to help assist in the procurement of a £15 million gas contract. 

Welwyn Hatfield Community Housing Trust is the ALMO for Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council. Initially appointing Peter to the role of Heating Surveyor, it became apparent that Manifest Housing’s skills could help with the process of procuring a gas servicing and maintenance contractor.

Peter’s work on the project group involved writing a new gas policy, leading staff, councillors and resident Board members through site visits and creating a fair and robust system to score potential suppliers.

Once the contract was awarded, Manifest oversaw the smooth transition of information between the Trust and the new contractor, resulting in faster reporting of repairs, simpler tracking and reduced call lengths.

Jan Knights, Specialist Maintenance Manager from Welwyn Hatfield Community Housing Trust says:

“We have been very impressed with Manifest Housing’s expertise in helping with the procurement and delivery of gas contracts.”

Manifest also improved the ALMO’s repair and expenditure reporting capabilities on the housing management system by implementing Business Objects reports and rolling out post inspection functionality to provide an auditable post inspection trail.

Jan adds:

“Peter’s expertise has been invaluable and I would have no hesitation in recommending Manifest. We found Peter very easy to work with. He is very experienced in gas management procedures and it was an added bonus that he has such good knowledge of the our housing management IT system as well.”